Frog Pond Hollow

The official Manor-House Residence and Country-Estate of

Paul and Claire Oman

claire died 9/2014 - "The love of my life"


This page reflects the Happy Times with Claire at

our Pittsfield, NH home - it is a bit outdated, Reflecting better times (and a much larger ego)

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enjoy our comfortable Farmer's Porch

Our famous Frog Pond - (old photo, it's much

nicer and better developed now!)

The pathway into the "Dog Gone Woods" located behind the Gazebo

Claire's vegetable garden - the 2007 corn crop

Garden Greenhouse - Sept. 2010

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In Nov. of 2000 we moved from Pearland, Texas (outside of Houston) to FROG POND HOLLOW (our 'country estate') in Pittsfield, New Hampshire (Pittsfield - It was a lifestyle move, out of the hot and humid big city to a small, centrally located, community with four seasons. Our house is located on almost 1.5 acres and includes a small pond, a small stream with four "Paul made" pools and dams, and a 24 X 60 insulated workshop/garage. The two story house also includes a multi-room basement, and a complete "mother in law" apartment for guests.

our garage

We're less than 2 miles from downtown Pittsfield (yes, Pittsfield - pop. about 3900 - 23.9 square miles - does have a downtown and the traditional
Civil War monument in the town park - history of Pittsfield), about 2/3 the way up Tilton Hill. Our home is on a dirt road, actually a circle, with about 25 other houses. Behind the house and pond are dense woods, plus several beaver-dam created marshes. Paul can walk through the woods at the back of the property and hike over to a snow mobile trail that runs up and over Tilton Hill (he's also blazed and marked several miles of trails in those woods). On Sept. 15, 2004 after walking through the woods to the top of Tilton Hill and starting to walk down the road back to the house, Paul and the dogs confronted a large male moose about 75 feet away on the side of the road. This was the second moose Paul has seen since moving to NH. This moose was only about a 15 minute walk from the house. On June 28, 2005 while bicycling about 3 miles from home, Paul saw his first black bear. It has just crossed the highway (RT 28) and was cutting across a yard into the woods. Spring 2006 had a bobcat cut across our backyard (have seen the tracks for 2 or 3 years, first time I saw the animal!).

Locally there's snowshoeing (we have extra snowshoes for company) and skating in the winter. Maple syrup season is in late winter, Then strawberry picking in the spring, with local blueberries and corn on the cob in summer. There's swimming, biking and kayaking less than 2 miles away in the Suncook River - we've got plenty of extra bicycles and kayaks for everyone! Fall brings fresh apple cider and brilliant fall colors.

It is most certainly a nearly perfect place to live. NH is 83% forest (second only to Maine at about 90%). We live in central NH, midway between the 'rugged' northern section and the 'high tech' southern part of the state. There is plenty of 'Country' all about - stone walls, dirt roads through the woods, mountain views, lakes, etc. Camp grounds all around confirm the appeal. On the other hand, it's urban enough for the day to day necessity of making a living and shopping for all the toys of life. The mall, Sears, Sams, Walmart, Home Depot, Supermarkets, etc. are all only 14 miles away. The airport in Manchester, services by Southwest and other major lines, is under 40 miles away. Maine and the Seacoast is under 50 miles. Chinatown in Boston is about 82 miles away....

A nice example: you can dash off to a seafood/lobster dinner in Maine (as we just did on our anniversary - April 7), say on Friday night - then spend Saturday hiking the woods of NH or sailing/kayaking on the state's lakes. Get up Sunday morning for Dim Sum in Boston's Chinatown and a walking tour of historic Boston Sunday afternoon. You can do all of this without feeling like you've spent the entire weekend driving. We have also finally figured out where the handful of nice restaurants are located!

In a 2002 FBI study, New Hampshire ranked as the safest state in the country. Crime rates are about 45% lower than the national average. That's a whole let less than the crime figures for the Houston area, which are well above the national average. Houston and LA keep swopping "worst air in the country" status and the the Weather channel is always reporting severe weather in and around Houston. NH was also ranked as the safest state by CQ press in 2008, 2009 and 2010 (Texas, by comparison was #36 in the 2010 survey).

In 2002 the US Census ranked NH as 9th in the number of states with highest percentage of people over age 25 with a bachelor's degree (Texas was 25th).

NEWS RELEASE 3/2006 - "For the third consecutive year, New Hampshire today was named the nation’s Most Livable State. The 16th annual award was announced in State Rankings 2006, a reference book of state statistics published by Morgan Quitno Press of Lawrence, Kansas. At the opposite end of the rankings scale, Louisiana moved into last place for the first time in eight years.

“New Hampshire enjoys the view from the top and apparently plans on staying there,” said Scott Morgan, President of Morgan Quitno Press. “Citizens of New Hampshire enjoy low unemployment, low crime rates, high levels of household income and high levels of education. The state has a stellar record in many of the categories we considered for our award.”

For 16 years, Morgan Quitno Press has issued its Livable State Award. Based on 44 factors selected from updated editions of its annual reference book, State Rankings, the Most Livable State Award recognizes a state for its high quality of life. The just-released 2006 edition of State Rankings compares states in more than 550 categories.

“Our award is unique because it does not focus on any one category of data. It takes into account a broad range of economic, educational, health-oriented, public safety and environmental statistics,” said Morgan. “The Most Livable State Award tells an interesting story about life and government in the 50 United States.”

Rounding out the top five spots with New Hampshire are (in descending order) Minnesota, Iowa, Vermont and New Jersey. Bringing up the opposite end of the rankings scale with Louisiana are Mississippi in 49th, Arkansas in 48th, Kentucky in 47th and South Carolina in 46th place."

In the summer of 2007, U.S. News and World Report ranked nearby Concord (about 15 miles away - where we shop) as one of the 10 best communities to retire to. Click Here to read more about it!

New Hampshire won the 2008 "Safest State" award in the annual ranking of states by CQ Press in Washington D.C. The rankings are based upon crime statistics. See the rankings at:

One week later NH tops the 2008 'Most Livable State' ranked by CQ Press (for the 5th straight year!). It is based upon 44 factors, including median household income, crime rates, business tax climate, employment, health, environment and education.

The Essence of the Yankee Spirit

This picture illustrates nicely the Yankee Way of Life. In the background is

a local church built in 1799. In front of it my 13 year old pickup truck and in

front of that is my almost 35 year old bicycle. All three are still in good condition

and in regular full-time use. That's a total of 250 years of functionality!

The USS Constitution, "Old Ironside", was but two years old

when the church in the above picture was built


A recent visitor called our property, "park-like." Come sit out back in our comfortable wooden Adirondack Chair or screened gazebo (The "Frog Den") and admire the view of our frog pond and surrounding wetlands, or settle into a well shaped wicker chair in our glass and screen three-season room on our elevated deck and admire the surrounding woods and gardens. Play horseshoes on our side yard or (coming Spring 2005) golf on our 6 hole putting green.

Bring your swim suit and enjoy our year round, indoor hot-tub while watching cable television, hundreds of action movie videos, lots of music CDs, or the radio (all with or without stereo headphones). (Learn more about the hot tub life style at Frog Pond Hollow -
CLICK HERE). Not into hot tubs? The slate pool table is only a few feet way from the hot tub. If it is summer you can swim and float in the still waters of the Suncook River (or paddle around in any of our fleet of canoes or kayaks), less than 2 miles away. If you're into "indoor fitness" - we have a treadmill, 10 speed bike on training rollers, rowing machine, "power glider," sit-up bench, and stack of free weights. Oh yes, lots of stairs too!

Claire on Mount Washington (No, we didn't hike up!)- Sept. 2002

Claire on "Wood Duck Nest" trip Feb, 2005

What's new and exciting:

On Sunday Oct. 6, 2002 while walking the the woods beyond the Epsom Town Forest (about 12 miles from our home) I saw my first wild moose. Moose are somewhat common, but most people in NH have never seen one in the wild.

Nov. 28, 2002 was Thanksgiving and we had two or three inches of snow on the ground - a rare treat from Mother Nature. We've already had several snow falls before Thanksgiving. This really contrasts with last year when there wasn't much snow until well into January. Folks are saying we had only two days of fall this year! However, Thanksgiving 2004 had rain, temps in the 60's and no snow yet this season.

Basement Rec room prior to the introduction of a 3 person hot tub along the back wall

12/04 Paul has just finished converting a series of his father's WWII letters to his mother into a book. His dad worked in an Army photo lab in England during the war. Right now the book is available on 3.5 inch floppy disk in pdf format. It should be available as a softcover book come spring of 2005. For more info

Paul's winter 2005/2006 winter project

12 ft kayak made from dacron cloth, vinyl fabric (the dark blue decking), lots of wood framing and a plywood bottom

My cousin, Nancy and her husband, live in California. Their two teenage girls began attending private high schools this year (2005/2006) nearby us. That makes them my first cousins once removed. One is at school in Concord, NH and the other just a few miles over the Mass. border.

Directions to Frog Pond Hollow:

Proceed on I-93 north into Concord, NH (about 40 miles from the MA/NH line)

Exit 15 E (east) on to I-393 /Rt 4 for 9.9 miles to Epsom traffic circle.

Go north on 28 (3/4 around traffic circle) 5.5 miles until you see a large hand painted sign on the right proclaiming PITTSFIELD MARKETPLACE. Turn right at the sign and proceed 1.3 miles into downtown Pittsfield. (if you see the flashing lights on Route 28, you've missed the turn by a half mile. You can turn right at the second flashing light and follow the road about 0.4 miles until it ends next to the town dam and at the road you should have been on. Turn right on to Main Street -going up the hill - and you're back on track again and about 0.3 miles to the next turn).

When you see a large green Northway Bank sign on the right (just a few blocks past the town dam and just beyond the steep hill that is Main Street) with a Citizens Bank on the other side (left side) of the street, turn left (on to Carroll St). Proceed 2 blocks to the intersection with the flashing light (the intersection has two gas stations - Citgo and Coastal - and a Rite Aid Pharmacy) . Turn right at the light. Take the first left (Tilton Hill) less then 1 block down the road.

Go 1.5 miles along Tilton Hill Rd to Wildwood Drive on the right

Go 0.25 miles along Wildwood Dr. to a white house on the left near top of hill.


Alternatively, enter a GPS waypoint to: 43 18.273N 71 17.837W


MA border 53 miles
downtown Boston MA 80-90 miles
Providence RI 175 miles
Shopping Mall / Sears, Home Depot, Circuit City, Target - 14.5 miles
Concord Hospital 22 miles
Walmart 14 miles
exit 14 on I-93 - 17 miles
Kmart 24.5 miles
Portsmouth/Maine 40-50 miles

Manchester Airport - 37 miles

Houston - about 1900 miles (1635 straight line according to my GPS)

New York City - about 290 miles

Home Shots - Our Home

Our house (which we've dubbed Frog Pond Hollow Manor) is almost at the top of that part of Tilton Hill that our street, Wildwood Drive, clings to the side of. The front yard along the roadside, and 10 feet up the paved driveway, is accented with a split cedar rail fence. The smallish front yard has lots of trees and faces west. Because of the elevation and shape of the house, the new dark gray standing seam metal roof is hardly noticeable.

The main house has two large bedrooms upstairs (a master and a guest bedroom) an open family room (with a Yamaha Portable Grand, full size electronic keyboard), bathroom and walk-in storage room. Entering the house from the front door on the farmer's porch puts you into the 'lobby' with the kitchen with a cozy vented propane fueled fake log stove (not the cooking stove!) and glass three season room directly in front of you. The front parlor, also with a cozy propane fueled stove is through the two pocket doors to the left (with a full bathroom and our office room on the backside of the parlor). To the right through the two glass paned doors is the dining room with doorways to the basement, utility/washer-dry room, and guest apartment. Skylights in the kitchen and three season room provide plenty of nature lighting and catch the morning sun.

summertime view from the kitchen or screenroom into the back yard


Ceiling fans and/or AC window units in many of the rooms handle the occasional hot summer nights. The main house, not counting the guest apartment and basement rooms, is about 2600 square feet. We have high speed DSL internet access so you can check your email in a flash!

Come visit and stay in our guest apartment (known as Mapleview Quarters).

The guest apartment has three rooms not counting the bathroom. Guests at Frog Pond Hollow enjoy a queen size "Select Comfort" duel chamber air bed ("What's Your Sleep Number?™"), a full kitchen including microwave and comfortable living room. Cable TV in both the bedroom and living room. The kitchen has its own doorway out to the driveway and the adjacent dining area is next to a sliding glass door leading out to the deck. There is a large, working, wood burning stove in the living room (don't worry, the house has regular oil-fired furnace heat throughout!). In summer there is a window AC unit in the bedroom and an AC unit plus aceiling fan in the living room for those sometimes muggy summer days/nights. We've installed one of those 'no plunger needed' toilets - go ahead, swallow an entire bottle of Ex-Lax and try to clog it up! We hope to add a small washer/dry and a dishwasher to the apartment soon. In all, it's about 650 square feet. All we need is a good plumber and we're Ready To Go!

We don't know this person, but like his humor!

If additional sleeping space is needed we have lots of options. There is a raised, queen, inflatable Aero Bed™ that can be set up in the living room of the guest apartment. Extra guests can stay in our guest bedroom, The Red Room. This in an oversized (13 X 19.5 feet) room on the second floor with a very comfortable queen sized bed and cable television. The Aero Bed™ can also be set up in the front parlor (or just sleep on the sofa). This room has its own full bathroom. Finally, the upstairs family room has an uncomfortable sleeper sofa that works as a final option.

The walkout basement has six rooms, including our game room with pool table and hot tub, a workshop room, store room, and two business rooms and a garden/entrance/mud room with extra stove, refrigerator and freezer. Two of the three doorways leading out of the basement exit under the wood deck that runs along the back of the kitchen and the guest apartment bedroom and kitchen. Under the deck protected from rain and snow is a regular gas grill for 'cook-outs.' Enjoy grilled steaks dinners on NH crafted pewter plates, cups, and bowls. Covering a large percent of this deck is our glass three-season room. The deck and three season room face east and catch the morning sun.



There is paved parking along the side of the house, with spaces for three cars (counting the two we own!). Someday maybe a carport will cover two of those spaces (thus keeping them away from tree sap and/or snow).


parking lot/driveway view


Frog Pond Hollow Manor has a total of 22 rooms (including bathrooms, kitchens and basement rooms) - and 16 televisions with cable scattered throughout the Manor, as well as 8 window air conditions for hot summer days. Additionally, there is a detached 1440 square foot garage/warehouse with 13 1/2 foot ceilings, insulated and heated (furnace not used) with an electric hoist in the ceiling and a "lean-to" along the side of the garage for Paul's fleet of small sailboats and nearby a rack of kayaks and canoes. In the backyard is a 96 square foot greenhouse next to a 20 by 40 fenced-in garden, and a very ordinary pre-fab garden shed.


"The Shed"

Along the side of the property, past the parking area, is our flagpole, ringed with a garden. Just beyond that is our prolific 12 foot by 12 foot strawberry patch. Past that is our mini orchard consisting of 6 or 8 mostly apple trees, still to immature to bear fruit. Just beyond is our blueberry patch (six or so plants) also too immature to bear fruit.

At the far back of the park like property is our pond beautifully visible from our deck and three season room. The pond is about 50 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep, equipped with a mini dock and a boat or two to play on (including a paddle boat). The pond is too mucky and nasty for swimming but pleasing on the eyes and full of frogs, turtles and goldfish. It drains down a small channel along the side of the property where Paul has build four tiny dams creating four small "frog ponds" about 1 foot deep and 8 foot wide. They provide pleasant cascading watery sounds during most of the year, except during dry summer conditions when they have a tendency to 'dry up'. There is also a screened gazebo next to the 'Big Pond' and the "Little Frog Ponds' - (It's buggy during much of the summer!). Coming spring 2005 - radio controlled sailing (the popular Soling class) in the Big Pond. It is only a short walk to the Pond, but feel free to ride the electric golf cart around the property - we do!

The Frog Den - Winter

The Frog Den - Summer

A Chair by the Pond


Beyond the ponds (which have marsh and wetlands behind them) are the woods which contain a number of hiking paths cleared and marked by Paul as well as a major community snowmobile trail.

How about shopping? There is no sales tax in New Hampshire and UPS comes to the house everyday so anything you buy can be easily shipped back home! Sams, Walmart, Sears, JC Penneys, Target, Home Depot all next to each other 15 miles away. New Hamsphire's "Antique Alley" starts about 10 miles from the house and goes on for about 15 miles. Three different factory outlet malls within about an hour's drive, the most interesting being in Kittery, Maine, just over the border/River from Portsmouth, NH. and about 50 minutes away. Being a tourist area lots of neat little gift shops. Summer if full of farm stands, ice cream stands, and pick your own fruits/vegetable sites.


Note: Humidity is always high along the East Coast. When temperatures are in the upper 70s, 80s, or higher, things get very hot and sticky. That same humidity makes temperatures in the upper 40s, 50s and 60s delightful.

May 1 64 37 88 26 5:39 7:47
May 5 66 39 91 25 5:33 7:52
May 8 67 40 93 22 5:30 7:55
May 13 69 41 88 27 5:24 8:00
May 20 71 44 96 25 5:17 8:08
May 28 74 46 94 29 5:10 8:15
June 5 76 49 93 35 5:06 8:22
June 8 76 50 93 34 5:05 (min early) 8:24
June 19 79 53 98 36 5:05 8:28
June 20 79 53 98 37 5:05 8:29 (lastest)
June 22 79 54 95 37 5:05 8:29
June 23 80 54 94 39 5:06 (going shorter) 8:29
JULY 4TH 82 56 95 40 5:11 8:28 (going shorter)
July 20 83 58 (max high) 101 41 5:23 8:19
July 21 84 (max high) 58 101 41 5:24 8:19
July 27 83 (going down) 58 97 37 5:30 8:13
Aug. 7 83 57 96 41 5:42 8:00
Aug. 8 82 57 (going down) 95 42 5:43 7:58
Aug. 23 80 54 91 38 5:59 7:36
Aug. 24 79 54 95 38 6:00 7:34
Aug. 27 79 53 96 36 6:04 7:29
9/05 (LABORDAY) 76 51 91 35 6:13 7:14
Sept. 8 75 49 94 32 6:17 7:08
Sept. 9 74 49 95 30 6:18 7:06
Sept. 12 73 48 91 30 6:21 7:01
Sept. 20 71 45 92 28 6:30 6:46
Sept. 24 69 43 87 24 6:34 6:39
Sept. 27 70 44 92 28 6:32 6:43
Sept. 29 67 41 86 25 6:44 6:30
Oct. 4 65 39 84 22 6:46 6:21
Oct.7 64 38 90 21 6:49 6:16
Oct. 16 61 35 87 17 7:00 6:01
Oct. 17 60 34 89 14 7:02 5:59
Oct. 19 59 34 82 11 7:04 5:56
Oct. 25 57 32 (first freeze) 83 16 7:12 5:47
Oct. 28 56 32 78 11 7:15 (latest dst) 5:43 (end dst)
Oct. 31 54 31 78 14 6:19 4:38
Nov. 6 52 30 75 14 6:27 4:30
Nov. 9 50 30 74 11 6:30 4:27
Nov. 11 50 29 70 9 6:33 4:25
Nov. 12 49 29 65 7 6:34 4:24
11/23 (THANKSG) 44 25 73 -1 6:48 4:15
Nov. 26 43 24 64 -2 6:52 4:13
Dec. 3 40 21 60 -4 7:00 4:10
Dec. 5 39 20 62 -7 7:02 4:10
Dec. 7 38 19 65 -5 7:04 4:09 (shortest est)
Dec. 12 36 17 67 -15 7:08 4:10 (going longer)
Dec. 19 34 15 60 -16 7:13 4:11
Dec. 21 34 14 60 -21 7:15 4:12
CHISTMAS 33 13 55 -18 7:16 4:15
Dec. 27 32 (first subfreeze) 13 58 -8 7:17 4:16
Dec. 30 32 12 54 -21 7:18 (latest est) 4:15
Jan. 8 31 10 59 -25 7:17 (going longer) 4:27
Jan. 11 30 (min low) 10 58 -27 7:17 4:30
Jan. 15 30 9 (min low) 63 -19 7:15 4:35
Jan. 24 31 (going up) 9 57 -27 7:09 4:46
Jan. 29 31 10 (going up) 48 -21 7:04 4:53
Feb. 2 31 10 52 -15 7:00 4:59
Feb. 3 32 10 52 -15 6:59 5:00
Feb. 9 33 (first nonfreeze) 11 57 -19 6:52 5:08
Feb. 13 34 12 60 -23 6:46 5:14
Feb. 19 35 14 64 -13 6:37 5:22
Feb. 24 36 15 62 -13 6:30 5:28
Feb. 26 37 16 66 -15 6:26 5:31
March 3 39 18 59 -11 6:18 5:37
March 5 40 19 61 -4 6:15 5:40
March 14 43 22 72 -11 6:59 (dst) 6:51 (dst)
March 16 44 23 68 2 6:56 6:53
March 18 44 24 64 -13 6:52 6:55
March 22 46 25 74 5 6:45 7:00
March 28 49 27 82 2 6:33 7:08
March 31 50 28 69 10 6:29 7:10
April 2 51 28 73 13 6:25 7:15
April 4 52 29 77 9 6:22 7:16
April 8 54 30 77 12 6:13 7:21
April 16 57 32 88 15 6:02 7:30
April 17 58 33 (first nonfreeze) 94 18 6:00 7:31
April 20 59 34 92 16 5:55 7:34


Rainfall is a pretty uniform 3 to 3.5 inches each month (about 35-40 inches per year). Of course, in winter the rain becomes snow. One inch of snow forms 4.5 to 6 inches of snow. Average annual snowfall is about 60-65 inches each year (about 4 inches in Nov., 14 inches in Dec., 18 inches in Jan., 14 inches in Feb., 11.5 inches in March, and 2.5 inches in April).


Approx. 25% of the days are clear and cloud free; 25% are partly cloudy and 50% of the days are considered cloudy. xxxxxxxx Again, these percentages are pretty constant all through the different months.


Repeat Shots of our home taken every two weeks to show seasonal changes. Starting Sept. 30, 2002, and for one year, I began taking a digital picture from our mail box across the street....

During 2005 Paul began taking photos of cupolas in towns along the Suncook River (Pittsfield, Center Barnstead, Parade Barnstead, Epsom, and Chichester, NH). This links takes you to many of those photos:

Welcome to Blueberry Point, Our Lakeside Get-Away Cottage!

note : my Blueberry Point place burned to the ground  9/2019

so unhappy - It was my "good place"

The front page of the April 5, 2006 USA TODAY reported that: "Americans are snapping up second homes - as investments or vaction properties - accounting for four out of every 10 sales of existing homes.... Nearly 28% of homes bought last year were for investment purposes, and an additional 12% were vaction homes, the figures show. Most of the buyers were baby boomers in their top earning years, looking toward retirement and hoping to build wealth or find a more desirable place to live."

We seem to fit the description to a "T".

Welcome to "Blueberry Point" our cottage, located on the shores of 105 acre Harvey Lake, only 20 minutes and 15 miles from our "Primary" house at Frog Pond Hollow. It is a real fixer-upper with lots of issues. It's just the kind of property folks commonly bulldoze down and replace with something "modern" and comfortable. That said, what makes Blueberry Point special is the amazing property it sits on. While the lot is very narrow, it is long. Much larger than the typical "shantytown" postage stamp sized lots in most lakeside neighborhoods. You cannot see the cabin from the road. There is no way to build a house on either side of the camp and with a cove to the right, there are water views on two sides.

Perhaps 2/3 of all lakeside homes in NH are built on steep hillsides leading down to the water. That makes for nice views but no way to launch a boat or enjoy the view at "eye level". Not a problem at Blueberry Point. There is a spot to launch a boat (small boat only) off a trailer on a "mini beach" and tie it up on our private dock.

While most lake properties are located down private dirt roads barely suitable for cars and in the middle of no-where, we've got it made. We're 1/2 mile down a nice residential road that is off Route 4. The location (not counting the lake) is what really helps make this place special. Lots to do nearby. Route 4 is known as "Antique Alley" with approximately 30 antique shops which we're smack dab in the middle off. Just 0.2 miles down Route 4 is a very small state park with lots of roads/paths for walking. A large supermarket, large modern gas stations, hardware store, and a very popular restaurant and Ice cream bar are 3 miles away on Route 4. Also 3 miles away, in the opposite direction, is Hannafords Supermarket. It's a high end chain with enough fancy (take out) coffees, breads, meats, wines, etc. to meet the demands of anyone staying at Blueberry Point. Across the the street from Hannafords is the cheapest gas station in the area. A Chinese take-out place (not very good!) is just across the street from the State Park. Portsmouth, NH, the Maine state line (and the Kittery outlet stores) are just 30 minutes away. Two shopping malls are just 25 minutes away in either direction, including the one we frequent in Concord. The distance to Concord (were we do most of our shopping) is the same as from our regular house in Pittsfield.

So, come join us at the cottage at Blueberry Point for swimming, sailing, paddling, and just hanging out. Being a small lake, surrounded nearby by much bigger lakes, we don't get the 'crazy boat traffic'. We can fire up the grill and enjoy the time in prime vacation country. You can spend the night or make the short drive back to Frog Pond Hollow.


view from the living room

view from the kitchen table

Boat dock

The Beach is on the left side of the property. The boat dock is on the right side of the lot, just outside the kitchen window.


Just one more thing. Since about 1910 there is an American flag placed in a rock in the middle of the lake around Memorial Day and removed in late September. It marks "Summer on the Lake". It just happens that the owner of our camp is the one responsible for setting, maintaining, and removing the flag each year!

Milfoil is a problem weed in many nearby NH lakes. Fortunately, it's not found in "our" lake! -
more on milfoil

New England Scenes


Here in NH - What's it like?

Oct 1-15 --- average midday temp - 65 (ranging from 55 - nice! - to 75 - too hot!). Time for our first frost. Leaves begin to fall. Time to take AC units out of window and light pilot lights in the gas stoves! Stock up on apple cider (this is prime Cider Season!). Time for all the fall fairs and craft shows.

We have four well balanced seasons here. Still, winters (meaning snow) varies greatly from year to year. This year 2002/2003 winter came early! See "
Repeat Shots" above.

New Hampshire's state legislature (24 senators and 400 representatives) is the largest state legislative body in the nation and the 3rd largest in the English speaking world. Only the US House and the British House of Commons are larger.


june-- firefly season
june-- early june turtle season
june-- strawberries!
aug-- corn and blackberry
oct/nov-- apple cider
march-- mud season (snow begins to melt) /maple syrup!
oct-- fall colors
sept-- apples
may/june-- blackfly (very pesty tiny flying insects)
may-- garden

april 16 - claire's birthday

sept 5 - paul's birthday

april 7 - paul's and claire's anniversary


Winter can begin with a dab of snow by Halloween, but just a dusting usually until December. By December temperatures hover around freezing so, depending upon Mother Nature, precipitation can be either rain or snow. If snow it only lingers for a few days, giving hope for a White Christmas. But whether December is warm and dry, or cold and damp (snowy), but mid Jan. winter is here in force. Snow falls usually 3 to 8 inches at a time and doesn't go away. This lasts until early March. With March the days begin to warm and patches of lawn re-appear. Precipitation is usually, but not always, snow but given the warmer temperatures it doesn't last long. However, just when it looks like spring is arriving, a storm, or series of storms, is bound to arrive and turn the spring clock back a week or ten days.

By Tax Day, April 15th, it often seems like spring has arrived and folks may be tempted to remove the plow off the truck or tractor, and swop out the snow tires. Sometimes it works, but until early May Mother Nature might drop a bit more snow, just to keep you on your toes. It won't last and will be gone in a day or three, but it's still snow and it's still a bit of winter.

Here are some interesting numbers:

winter first snow event 8th snow event
97-98 nov. 16 march 14
98-99 dec. 29 jan. 28
99-00 (the year we moved here) jan. 16 march 11
00-01 dec. 14 jan. 31
01-02 dec. 9 march 18
02-03 THIS YEAR! oct. 23 dec. 12

New England Temperature Conversion Chart

60 degrees F: Southern Californians shiver uncontrollably. People in New England sunbathe.

50 F: New Yorkers try to turn on the heat. People in New England plant gardens.

40 F: Italian & English cars won't start. People in New England drive with the windows down.

32 F: Distilled water freezes. The water at Moosehead Lake in Maine starts getting cooler.

20 F: Floridians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves, wool hats. People in New England throw on a flannel shirt, buttons open.

15 F: New York City landlords finally turn up the heat. People in New England have the last cookout before it gets cold.

0 F: All the people in Miami die. New Englanders close the windows.

10 below zero: Californians escape en masse to Mexico. Girl Scouts in New England sell cookies door to door.

25 below zero: Las Vegas disintegrates. People in New England rummage around the attic to find some winter coats.

40 below zero: Washington DC runs out of hot air. People in New England let the dogs sleep indoors.

100 below zero: Santa Claus abandons the North Pole. Some New Englanders are frustrated when they can't start their "kahs".

460 below zero (absolute zero on the Kelvin Scale): All atomic motion stops. People in New England start saying . . . "Cold 'nuff for ya?"

500 below zero: Hell freezes over. Red Sox win the World Series.

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